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"Cinema allows us to dream

 so that others may live truth"

John combines his love of story with creative collaboration to tell tales that examine our humanity.


Raised in La Luz, New Mexico, John K.D. Graham grew up in the rural deserts of New Mexico with a love of folklore.


His curiosity for story telling and passion for art led to the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he discovered filmmaking. 

From production assistant to feature film creator, John has held nearly every position within the industry and understands the nuance of how cinema is made. John has shepherded seven of his own feature films from conception to completion.

His projects can be found on major distribution platforms around the world. Most recently, “Unstained” won a Bronze Award in the 44th Annual Telly Awards.

John currently resides at Crow Moon in New Mexico, with his partner, Lava Graham Khonsuwon.

Where to find his work:

John's film, "Switched", voted a fan favorite on PureFlix
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