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ABOUT John K.D. Graham

John is an award winning film maker who believes in gender equality and his films champion women both on and off the screen. Many of his films have received the ReFrame Stamp, which is awarded to narratives that hire women or individuals of other underrepresented gender identities/expressions in four out of eight key roles.

His script, “Switched” was awarded best screenplay by the Kairos Pro Prize at the 2019 Movie Guide Awards.

John’s understanding of cinema in its entirety allows him to develop, coordinate and bring to finality any project he takes on. A deep love for travel has given him the opportunity to shoot across the United States and the world, creating documentaries and online content.


He has directed and produced seven feature films which can be found across multiple platforms and have been released by Universal Home Entertainment, PureFlix and RLJ Entertainment. His directing and cinematography can be seen in five travel docs, a web series for CBS and episodes of true crime for Real ID Channel, as well as many instances of online content.

As producer John is involved in everything from conception, through development, pre-production, shoot, edit and final delivery to the client. His ability to communicate with agents and secure talent, to budgeting and overseeing the process of filming and editing, all the way through final delivery to a distributor is what enables his films to consistently find placement in the world market.

His shoots have taken him around the world including Kingdom of Thailand, Norway, Peru, Mexico, all 50 states of the USA, and include national parks and monuments


John is passionate about sharing his film knowledge with others so that they might also find joy in creating. Twice in his career he has taught film making to middle school students. Some of those students won international awards for their work, which made use of open license footage created by a  humanitarian documentary photographer..

John has taught film and created chances for others to learn the craft.

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His recent P.A. Bootcamp class for his Alma Mater, The Savannah College of Art and Design, was well received. Students reported a 60% increase in confidence from previous classes and 95% confidence from John K.D. Graham’s P.A. Bootcamp in their own ability to become a PA for the first time.


"I was always nervous about becoming a PA or working in the Film and Television because there is so much information you need to know. Now knowing / understanding a little more, I feel more confident and excited to work as a PA. 

-SCAD student








The most important thing I learned is how the radios work and how to not look like a "newbie."

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