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Other Works

A neon and chrome style brings vibrance to this Public Service Announcement for New Mexico's NUPAC through Inspirado TV. The piece was written/directed and edited by Graham. Produced by Lava Khonsuwon.

"Not In My Ride" - PSA - Nicotine Use Prevention and Control Program

Findings  was created by Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya and supported by the Heising-Simons Foundation, FINDINGS is a mural series that highlights women in STEM who uncover new insights about our worlds in the fields of dark matter, climate change, condensed matter physics, exoplanets, and more. She is currently in the process of completing ten murals across the country, which serve as tributes to women depicted as vital, powerful, and wondrous. In the near future, FINDINGS will launch a free augmented reality (AR) mobile app for iOS and Android that will allow visitors to have a deeper experience, seeing 3D animations and additional context on the science and story behind the art. To learn more about findings go to

"Findings" - Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya
Mini Doc created for Meow Wolf

Darkside was created by shooting multiple series of photographs across multiple states within the Southwest as well as Pacific Northwest. The unique floating effect is achieved through top motion animation in which the video's characters were the puppets.

Filming required up to two hundred jumps per scene in order to capture the images that, when combined, create the look of this art house music video.

The Wine Maker is a Mini-Doc that explores the creation of a vinyard with indie roots. The lesser known Los Olivos provides fertile ground for both wine and being present.

As cinematographer and editor, John captured the shots needed to illustrate this poignant doc.

John worked as the Field Director of Photography for the first season of the NBC show STEVE staring Steve Harvey. The show had many off stage segments, many of which John would film and edit.

In this particular segment, John filmed Steve, and Jack Black as they gave a universal tram tour the celebrity surprise of its life when they jumped on board.

"DARKSIDE" - Music Video

Using 4000 photographs, this music video was shot across the Pacific North West and South West. Featuring the music of John Courage.

"The Wine Maker" - Mini-doc

Shot for this vignette tells of the birth of Brewer Clifton Wines.

"STEVE" - Segment

A segment from the hit TV show "STEVE" - Jack Black and Steve Harvey take over a tram tour.

"Por Este Amor" - Lety Loez - Music Video

Graham's editing shines in this striking art house music video.

John's editing shines in this vibrant music video of matching cuts and spectacular art direction.  Lety Lopez covers the famous song, "Por Este Amor". The releas of this video, edited by John K. D. Graham, recieved wide praise in Latin America.

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